“Business for Development, Business for Social Service”

It is obvious to all of us that those who have been involved in trade and businesses have leapt in development in the world. For instance, we can take the names of prosperous countries to numerous renowned nations and entrepreneurs of the world.

It’s needless to say that Hong Kong is one of the best business centers in the world. According to a news story in South China Morning Post published few months ago, Hong Kong is one of the freest cities in the world to run business. Hong Kong has placed itself at the best place for trade and business by virtue of law, development of information technology, infrastructures and historical proximity with other countries of the word. The total population in Hong Kong is around 7 million out of which over 2.5 million people are involved in various kinds of trades and businesses. That’s why development in this small city has been possible to this extent.

Although Nepalese people have been present in Hong Kong for over 50 years our residency with civilian status has been around two decades only. Many members of the Nepalese community entering into Hong Kong with a thinking to earn some money and then would go back to Nepal have already settled here.  Few hundred of them have been running business successfully in Hong Kong in the course of time.

It is claimed  that around thirty thousand Nepalese people are living in Hong Kong. However, Hong Kong SAR government census and statistics shows that there are around 17 thousand Nepalese. Only around few hundred Nepalese being involved in trade and business out of the given number is significantly low. Majority of the businesses run by Nepalese are limited within grocery shops, restaurants, manpower supply, travel agency, guest house, bar and export-imports.

Up to now, hundreds of community organizations have been established by Nepalese in Hong Kong. These Nepalese organizations have contributed to preserving Nepalese art and culture, deepening harmonious relationship among Nepalese community and conveying the voices of Nepalese to the concerned authorities. Nepal Chamber of Commerce has been established to promote trade and business between Nepal and Hong Kong which sometimes organizes consultation and interaction programmes. We believe that, in long term, Hong Kong Nepalese Business Association will contribute to providing guardianship to small and big entrepreneurs promoting Nepalese products and in Hong Kong and encouraging Hong Kong businessmen to invest in Nepal.  We will be always prepared to cooperation with concerned authorities and other associations to achieve the following objectives.


Majority of Nepalese businesses established in Hong Kong have been started by self-initiation and on individual basis. The Association not only encourages Nepalese to get involved in associated way into businesses but also intends to help them.

Hong Kong Nepalese businessmen have been facing various kinds of problems in their local business operation. Some problems have been being faced due to government policy while some because of wrong attitude of individuals. No attempts have been made in associated way so far to face up and solve such problems. The Hong Kong Nepali Business Association will intends to make efforts on this respect.

As mentioned earlier, Hong Kong Nepalese have been involved in limited area of business. We believe that lack of enough idea and knowledge, lack of business network and shortage of capital have contributed to the problem. The Association will help and advice Nepalese entrepreneurs widen their area of businesses.


To manage capital,

To organize orientation and interaction programs regularly,

To connect them with various local and international businessmen,

To raise problems of Nepalese entrepreneurs to concerned authority of the government and non-governmental bodies via communication and interaction; and

To push forward the collective business and investment concept.