HKNBA President  It is our great pleasure to introduce our newly established Association with the Motto of “Business for Development and Business for Social Service.” For the past 2 decades, Nepalese people have resided in Hong Kong through (ex-Gurkhas) Resident, professional and domestic helper visas.

Having personally served in Hong Kong for over 13 years as a Gurkha Solider to protect Hong Kong Govt. and its people and being involved in different leading business organizations for over 23 years. It is my vision not only continue to attend the needs of Hong Kong, but more importantly to promote the Nepalese products in Hong Kong and encourage Hong Kong Investors, Builders and Donors to support Nepal’s infrastructure, tourism, agriculture and social development by close collaboration with the Consulate General of Nepal for Hong Kong. As well as to encourage Nepalese community people to start up their business by cooperating with local business communities based on their experience gained in their respective fields to make our community strong in the economy of Hong Kong.



PUN,T.Prakash (B.A.S.P.,S.G.D.B.III)
The Hong Kong – Nepalese Business Association